Indus, you once defined the western frontiers of the Indian subcontinent.

Indus, you inspired Nanak (15th century) and Farid (13th century) to spread the fragrance of love.

Indus, you guided Ranjit Singh (19th century) to expand the Sikh empire beyond the northern and western banks, from the Punjab to Ladakh, Baltistan and Khyber.

Indus, you created the resolve in the Punjabi army under the Sikhs (year 1841) to travel along your banks into Tibet.

Indus, you blended the philosophy of Nanak in the territories of Balochistan and Sindh.

Indus, for years you remained my romance, soliciting me to travel from your source, in Mansarovar (Tibet) to your delta in Sindh (Pakistan).

Finally, a phased travel between the years 2009 to 2017, across Tibet, India and Pakistan is completed from the source to the end. Indus, thanks – you have shaped me!

Photographed in Jan 2017, during the research for the book “THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”