“The dancing mystic” at Baba Bullhe Shah’s mausoleum at Kasur (Pakistan) had caught my attention during the visit of year 2014, and meeting him again in 2017, created an opportunity for dialogue.Out of respect, as I slipped a few rupees into his pocket, he smiled and said, “NOTHING IS PLENTY FOR ME”.


During my second homecoming to the lands of my forefathers, the songs sung by the qawwals (sufi musicians) in the courtyard resounded as I stepped in to pay respects to Baba Bullhe Shah. Standing besides his grave, the words resonated within, “YOU BECAME SOMETHING AND HENCE SUFFERED. I REMAINED NOTHING AND THEY COULD NOT SAY ANYTHING.”
Baba Bullhe Shah, I will be back soon! You have to teach me how to become NOTHING.


Photographed in Oct 2014, during the research for the book “LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”