Mindset developed from the words of Nanak has helped my odysseys. I have cared not for the next breath, motivated only to discover a meaning in what others choose to ignore.


The allure of Pakistan is in the adoration of its people. Before I became recognized as an author, I travelled across the country, an unknown entity becoming one with its people.


However fame is a double edge sword! In the trip of the year 2017, the Government of Pakistan, concerned about my well-being, provided an impenetrable security, with total flexibility to research the Sikh legacy at free will. For this I thank the establishment but it took just one day for the curtain of sternness to be unfurled from the emotions of the security personnel. They became partners in my exploration – other than protecting, learning during the journey, themselves becoming experts in the identification of the remnants. They became family because as I departed, their children called to invite me to their homes during the next visit.




Photographed in Jan 2017, during the research for the book “THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”