While we were inside Baba Farid’s shrine, a man asked, “Sardar ji, have you visited Nanak Tibba, the place where Baba Nanak had stayed to compile the verses of Baba Farid?”

Guru Nanak had stayed with Baba Ibrahim Farid Sani at Nanak Tibba village to collate the verses of Baba Farid. The Sikh gurus were the first ones to have documented Baba Farid’s verses in the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scripture), as a message of its secularity and the fundamental unity across all religions.

The Sikh community, that took the lead of documenting Baba Farid’s verses, today stands deprived of free access to his tomb. Partition of the India sub-continent, not only divided the land of the five rivers, but also deprived the people of its common cultures that once united them.

Fareeda, I remained worried that my turban might get dirty.
Little did I realize, one day dust will consume my head too!
Baba Farid Verse 26 in Guru Granth Sahib

Photographed in Oct 2014, during the research for the book “LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”