At Islamabad Literature Festival, a member of the audience asked, “How do you feel travelling across Pakistan as an identifiable Sikh?”
My reply was, “Bollywood Fakir!”
Across Pakistan, at every nook and corner, people wish to interact, feed and more importantly, want selfies and photos! At Bhai Pheru, every step I wished to take, would be permitted only after someone had taken a photograph with me. I had satiated my mind and fully accepted these interruptions as part and parcel of being a Fakir in quest. I reminded myself of Baba Bullhe Shah’s profound verse,

Fakirhood is difficult, but it is the path of lover, so make your restless mind settle

Kathan Fakiri Rasta Aashak, Kaeyam Karo Mun Bhaja Rey

Photographed in Jan 2017, during the research for the book “THE QUEST CONTINUES: LOST HERITAGE The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan”