Before the partition of 1947, the site of Baba Than Singh at Kot Fateh Khan (Pakistan) was visited by Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. According to the Rawalpindi Gazetteer, 4,000 people across all faiths attended a fair held at this place in 1893. Partition resulted in the migration of the entire community of Sikhs and Hindus, forever depriving them access to this site.

Today the Muslim community continues to venerate Baba Than Singh, whom they now address as Sultan Than Singh. His changed identity, from ‘Baba’ to ‘Sultan’ is so important to the villagers that inside the gurdwara, wherever his name is inscribed in Urdu, the appellation ‘Baba’ has been blackened with ink. The villagers are ignorant that the appellation ‘Baba’ continues to exist on the same premises in Gurmukhi script. Nowadays, every Friday the Muslim villagers light lamps and seek blessings from Sultan Than Singh.


Too Sulatan Kahaa Hau Meeaa Teree Kavan Vaddaiee


You are the SULTAN (Supreme One),
If I call you a chief,
How can that describe your greatness?